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Tru-Tronics Maintains a Lean Manufacturing System

Kanban Control:

Kanban control ensures that assemblies are not made except in response to a demand. Once a minimum and maximum inventory level is established finished product units are produced and will be released to the customer. Once inventory drops below the minimum quantity required, additional product is made not to exceed the established maximum quantity. The Tru-Tronics Intl. Kanban control system constantly provides the customer with “On-Demand” finished product.

Tru-Tronics Intl. & the Kanban System:

Tru-Tronics Intl. combines our unique scheduling tools, to dramatically reduce inventory levels, increase turns, enhance supplier/customer relationships and improve the accuracy of manufacturing schedules.

Kanban aligns inventory levels with actual consumption; a notification is sent to produce and deliver a new shipment when material is consumed. These signals are tracked through the replenishment cycle and bring extraordinary visibility to suppliers and buyers.

Kanban or “Pull” System:

Kanban is frequently known as a “pull” system, as everything is pulled from the previous production stage in response to actual demand. Demand forecasts are not used in Kanban systems. This is the opposite of the traditional “push” manufacturing philosophy, in which everything is made to forecasted future needs. A fully Kanban driven system must therefore be as responsive as the demand for its outputs. ‘Slow’ replenishment will break the flow that is desired and lead to stock building at this interface.

The Kanban is sized so that it can only hold a fixed number of items decided by the customer needs (usually one). When the operator begins work, he takes the raw material from the incoming Kanban, which returns to the supplier thus signaling that the customer needs more.

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