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Printed Circuit Board Quality

The quality of our Printed Circuit Board assembly is a trade secrete. One that requires specialized skills and expertise. Extreme measures are taken in the process from auditing a consigned kit to final quality inspection. Whether consignment or full turnkey, Tru-Tronics Intl. can get your product to market on-time.

Consigned Materials:

(components supplied by the customer) Materials can be consigned for different reasons: it may be proprietary product, very expensive product or the customer may at the time have a large inventory. It is not unusual for initially consigned projects to be completed as a hybrid, part consigned, part turnkey.


Quick-Turn Assembly is available. Please contact us for your specific needs

Consigned kits undergo a thorough audit upon reaching our dock. We compare the Bill-of-Materials (BOM) to the components supplied and verify accuracy in values, tolerances, part numbers, package types and sizes. An audit report is usually generated within the first 48 hours.

Consigned Kit Considerations

Attrition: Tru-Tronics Intl. recommends the following overages:

Special Handling:

Please provide any special handling instructions, especially if the assembly uses devices that require special solder reflow profiles or cannot be washed in an aqueous cleaner or other specific handling requirements.

Full Turnkey Manufacturing:

(components sourced by Tru-Tronics Intl.). will procure the precise materials specified in the customer BOM and approved vendor list if supplied. If any, long procurement cycle items will be identified and same function readily available alternates will be provided for customer approval.

Tru-Tronics Intl.offers a wide range of materials management expertise to our customers whether full turnkey, partial turnkey, or consignment. Each program is tailored to meet the customer’s specific product requirements. We assign purchasing staff as an integral part of the project ream to ensure component availability, correct quantity and on-time delivery.

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