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For over 10 years Tru-Tronics, Intl. has been a quality provider of contract PCB assembly services that meet and exceed our clients expectations. We embrace continuous improvement, by becoming partners with our customers.

Tru-Tronics, Intl. manufacturing services, include PC board assembly, testing, manufacturing, prototyping, and inventory

Tru-Tronics, Intl. offers management for small to high volume customers. In today’s fast paced electronics industry PCB assembly requires quality manufacturing processes with high-yield results. Tru-Tronics, Intl. provides fast turnaround on your small to high volume run with a focus on quality from receiving to shipping. Our PCB assembly team, can provide the immediate response needed to get your product to market on time.

Complete Service:

Starting with component selection Tru-Tronics, Intl. maintain close client relations with their suppliers to ensure the necessary material supply is in place. In addition to cutting cost this process provides analysis on material accountability and component life cycle. If a component shortage occurs Tru-Tronics Intl. is poised to recommend and source compatible alternative materials.

Efficient Assembly

Throughout our 10 years in business Tru-Tronics, Intl. has strived to foster lean manufacturing processes within our assembly lines. This attention to assembly flow and movement allows your project to be built with the highest level of quality, inspection and efficiency at every stage of assembly.

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