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The buyer is responsible for paying the freight (shipping) costs.

Category: Payments

We accept credit card payments for orders that meet specific conditions. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express. If your order is over $10,000 USD you may not pay via credit card. All credit card transactions are pre-approved before an order is shipped to ensure that the credit card is valid and within spending limits.

Category: Payments

Tru-Tronics has a RMA process. A buyer must make sure that he/she follows the correct procedures under our guidelines to receive a RMA number. 0-30 days: RMA requests due to form, fit or functional discrepancies can be submitted to Tru-Tronics Custom Service for consideration. If an RMA is approved for any other reason, a 35% restock fee is applicable. 30 days: No RMA will be issued. Shipping Procedures and Terms of Return All short shipment notifications must be made within three (3) business days of receipt of shipment. All RMA products are to be returned unused and in original packaging. Any received product that is not in the condition in which it was delivered to Buyer will be returned to the customer and the credit memo will be considered “void.” Unless otherwise specified, all domestic RMA shipments are to be returned via UPS Ground, all international RMA shipments are to be returned via FEDEX Economy. No COD shipments will be accepted. RMAs are valid for the term of ten (10) business days. After 10 business days any and all RMAs are considered “void” and will be refused and returned.

Category: Orders

Tru-Tronics only accepts returns due to shipment errors (i.e. wrong parts) or defective parts. After receiving your order you will have five(5) days to inspect the parts and report defects or errors.

Category: Orders

Simply call or email us and our friendly sales personnel will be happy to take your order.

Category: Orders

The majority of Tru-Tronics sales are new parts. If a buyer requests pulls or refurbished parts, then we will try to locate a source. Buyers are informed, up-front, of the disposition of the electronic components.

Tru-Tronics warrants the form, fit and function of parts shipped to our warehouse for a period of thirty (30) days.

Tru-Tronics has a quality assurance program. Parts are inspected when they enter our facilities. Issues that may arise during the quality control process are resolved prior to shipments to the buyer. Parts are stored in environment-controlled, secure storage areas after inspection.

All Sellers must be pre-qualified. Buyers have 30 business days in which to inspect the parts and return them if item is incorrect or defective.

For new buyers, Tru-Tronics has a minimum order size of $300 per line per order. As we do more business together, the minimum order size may be decreased.

For help with an order, question, comments or problem, please click the link that says Contact Us. Here you can either call us during our normal business hours, or you can email us. We are always happy to assist you.

Tru-Tronics is a service which enables buyers and sellers of electronic components to easily buy and sell their components.

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